Papatya Flour for Pitta Bread and Lavash

Sunar Özlem Papatya Flour for Pitta Bread and Lavash is used in the making of all kinds of pitta bread ,lavash and Turkish thin pizza.

  •   High capacity of holding water and to be able to obtain more final products,
  •   To be able to  knead easily and quickly,
  •   To be able to roll pitta and lavash dough without tearing,
  •   To be able to provide desired bottom and fluffiness in pitta,
  •   To be able to give beautiful aroma and taste to the products,
  •   To be able to preserve the freshness and structure of products,
  •   To be able to produce standard-made final products.
  •   The dough should not be taken rigid.
  •   Water should be provided to the dough in the needed ratio.
  •   The dough should be kneaded consistently and softly.
  •   The temperature of the dough should be between 22-24 degrees.
  •   The dough should be subjected to fermentation at about 35 degrees.
  •   There should not be air circulation in the manufacturing plant.

It should be stored over wooden pallets in cool, airy, and dry areas.


Offered to the market in 50 kg polypropylene sacks, and 25 kg Kraft bags.

  •   Humidity: 14.5 (Max)
  •   Gluten: 26 (Min)
  •   Protein: 10 (Min)
  •   Ash (at K.M.) 0.65 (Max)
  •  Sedimentation: 28 ml. (Min)
  •  Delayed Sedimentation: 28 ml. (Min)
  •  Falling Number (F.N.) : 250 sec. (Min)